Below is helpful information for all New Students to the UConn Hartford Campus.

Getting Ready for Spring 2023

Please use the following information to help you prepare for a successful spring 2023 semester. 

Get Connected

Connecting and staying connected to various UConn resources is important to be successful at UConn.  Here is some helpful information to get connected and stay connected:

Exploring Majors

There are over 115 majors at the University of Connecticut.  It is not uncommon for students to change their major.  Use the information below to explore the majors UConn offers.

Academic Advising and Class Registration

  • Review your Spring 2023 schedule and contact your Advisor if you want to make any changes
  • Advisors are also available for follow up advising appointments via Nexus
  • View Chemistry, Math, and English Placement information here
  • Review your SA System and utilize the help videos/tutorials here:
  • View UConn General Education Requirements
  • View the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) General Education Audit Sheet
  • View course descriptions, prerequisites, major requirements, academic policies and more in the UConn Undergraduate Catalog
  • To access videos and tutorials for SA System click here
  • How to add a class and more instructions: click here
    • Note: if you plan to be a full-time student in the fall, it is important that you leave orientation fully registered for at least 12 credits.
    • Putting classes in your shopping cart is not the same as registering and does not mean that you are in those classes for the fall.
  • How to view your Advisor (added after orientation)