Frequently Asked Questions

UConn students wearing UConn backpacks

Do I have to attend Orientation?

All first time degree seeking students at UConn (First Year & Transfers) are required to participate in our on-line Orientation. There is no option to register for classes without participating in our on-line Orientation.

How do I complete my Protect Our Pack On-Line module?

Information on how to complete your mandatory "Protect Our Pack" On-line module can be found here

When is Orientation? When will I receive my Orientation invitation?

For students beginning their enrollment in the spring, Orientation is held between December 2021 and January 2022. Students who have paid their $400 enrollment deposit will be sent an email invitation to sign up for New Student Online Orientation as early as November. This email invitation is sent to both the personal email address that the student put on their application to the University and to their UConn email address.

Directions on how to activate your UConn email can be found here

Emails will be sent out on a rolling basis as the enrollment deposits are received.

Students need to complete their on-line task list items and modules before they can sign up for one of the UConn Hartford Synchronous Orientation Events. 

In order to support the University’s sustainability efforts, all Orientation invitations and confirmations are electronic and go directly to the student.

When can I sign up for Orientation?

Only students who have paid the $400 enrollment deposit can sign up for Orientation.

Students can start their on-line Orientation when they receive their email invitation (which includes the link to the on-line orientation platform). The email invitations are sent to the student’s personal email address that was put on their application to the University.

I am having trouble accessing or completing my on-line orientation modules and/or task list items, what can i do?

If you are having difficulty accessing the on-line orientation platform, try using a different browser or device.  You can also contact with your concerns or issues.  Please include a phone number and email address at which we can reach you.

I am currently attending high school and the Orientation sessions available are at the same time I will be in school- can I miss school to attend Orientation?

Students are encouraged to attend the earliest Orientation session they can. Synchronous sessions happen on Tuesday morning from 11 am to 1:00 pm.  We will provide students with letters to excuse their absences if necessary.

Do I have to take any placement tests?

All students are required to complete UConn's Guided English Placement Survey.

Depending on your major, you might also be required to complete the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE) and/or the Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) ASAP.

All new students need to review the Course Placement website  before their scheduled Orientation session to learn more about UConn’s placement process.  If a student needs to take the CPE and/or MPE based on their intended major (as specified on the Course Placement website) and does not take it prior to Orientation, the student will not be able to register for General Chemistry, Pre-calculus, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 at Orientation if the course is required in their first semester. You can take the Placement Exams more than once, but there is absolutely no time to take them during the Orientation program. If your intended major is on the list of majors requiring the CPE and/or MPE you need to take the assessment before your Orientation program.

Will my AP or previous college/university coursework count toward my UConn degree?

AP and Transfer Guidelines are available on the Transfer Admissions website. If you have completed college course work, make sure to have an official transcript, reflecting courses completed and grades earned, sent directly from your college to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

As a Transfer student when may I review my transfer credit evaluation?

Transfer credit evaluations will be posted on a rolling basis in the Student Administration System for new transfer students before their scheduled orientation session.  Students need to review their transfer credit evaluation before attending their session.

Will I meet with an academic advisor during Orientation?

Yes, after you complete all necessary items in your Orientation Task List (including all required Modules) and participate in a UConn Hartford Synchronous Orientation Event  you will be able to schedule an on-line advising appointment with your assigned Academic Advisor. Directions on how to make this appointment are given during the UConn Hartford Synchronous Orientation Event on Monday.

Why can’t I register for classes right now? The registration system will not let me register for them.

All new students in each of UConn’s schools and colleges have an "Orientation Hold" placed on their account. This will be lifted after they complete the mandatory task list items, attend a UConn Hartford Synchronous Orientation Event and meet with an academic advisor.

Can I bring my family or friends to Orientation with me?

Orientation is for incoming UConn students only. While we are aware that your parents, friends, and siblings all have your best interest at heart, orientation is for you only. Engaging on your own will help you to learn what you need to and ask the questions you have. Orientation is a good time to start being your own advocate and taking care of your own business. You are less likely to learn if someone else is doing and making decisions for you.

What should I do if I need disability accommodations during Orientation?

Please contact the UConn Hartford Center for Students with Disabilities at 959-200-3872 or at least 12 business days prior to your scheduled Orientation session.

What should I do if I need to reschedule my confirmed Orientation session?

Students are unable to reschedule their Orientation session online. Please contact the Office of Student Services at .